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Weird Fiction Review #8 has escaped

Another January, another resounding thump as the latest issue of Weird Fiction Review from Centipede Press lands in my mailbox! This is issue #8, & possibly the largest ever at a whopping 391 pages.

Edited (as usual) by independent Lovecraft scholar S.T. Joshi, #8 is an homage to classic Weird Tales. Eleven tales, thirteen essays and interviews, and nine poems are included -- including one by Yours Truly. I'm particularly excited about Wade German's "Gorgonum Chaos," five pages of well-crafted narrative blank verse.

The production values of this sewn trade paperback annual are first-rate, and include several sections in color plus a full-color cover. All in all, an excellent choice for the long winter evenings still ahead -- and I'm proud to be a part of it.

For full details, or to order:

Ankh, Scarab

Of Robert Bloch, HPL, & Egyptology

Fans of Robert Bloch, Egyptology, & / or H.P. Lovecraft will not want to miss this recent article on the Lovecraft eZine site. Entitled “The Egyptian Tales of Robert Bloch,” and penned by none other than Robert M. Price, it offers a comprehensive look at Bloch’s 1936-1938 Weird Tales offerings in this department, plus much interesting background material. Howard Carter’s 1922 discovery of Tut’s tomb? Karloff’s 1932 classic horror film The Mummy? It’s all there – along with Dr. Price’s evaluation of what Bloch may have altered in the standard mythological canon, and what he borrowed from Lovecraft himself.

This article is a generous serving of the sort of literary analysis only a critic of Price’s stature can bring to so-called pulp fiction – and, like everything offered on editor Mike Davis’s eZine, it’s free for all to read. Find it here.