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Ankh, Scarab

Happy Birthday HPL: "The Perplexity from a Place Abroad" is up!

As promised yesterday, editor Ross Lockhart’s The Book of Cthulhu website is celebrating the Bard of Providence’s 124th birthday with a brand new round-robin tale of eldritch terror.

Entitled “The Perplexity from a Place Abroad,” it features six segments by Rand Burgess, Brian Evenson, Alistair Rennie, Kyle Muntz, Amanda Downum . . . and me.

As I type this, segment #3 – mine – has just gone live. All segments are available on the site throughout the day (and afterwards, I suspect), so check in whenever you can.

As for me, I don’t know how this puppy ends, either – so I’ll definitely be checking back as things progress!
Ankh, Scarab

Searchers After Horror -- search no more!

I’m very happy to report that Searchers After Horror (Fedogan & Bremer 2014), edited by noted Weird Fiction scholar S.T. Joshi, is now available in its trade edition.

This anthology includes 21 stories on the theme of “the Weird Place,” including one rarity by Hannes Bok. Here’s the TOC in all its drool-worthy glory:

Iced In by Melanie Tem
At Home with Azathoth by John Shirley
The Girl Between the Slats by Michael Aronovitz
The Patter of Tiny Feet by Richard Gavin
At Lorn Hall by Ramsey Campbell
Blind Fish by Caitlín R. Kiernan
An Element of Nightmare by W. H. Pugmire
The Reeds by Gary Fry
Crawldaddies by Steve Rasnic Tem
Three Dreams of Ys by Jonathan Thomas
Willie the Protector by Lois H. Gresh
Miranda’s Tree by Hannes Bok
The Beautiful Fog Ascending by Simon Strantzas
Exit Through the Gift Shop by Nick Mamatas
Going to Ground by Darrell Schweitzer
Dark Equinox by Ann K. Schwader
Et in Arcadia Ego by Brian Stableford
The Shadow of Heaven by Jason V Brock
Flesh and Bones by Nancy Kilpatrick
The Sculptures in the House by John D. Haefele
Ice Fishing by Donald Tyson

And, yes, I am a little awed to be a part of this. (Of course, I’ve always been a little odd.)

Find all the details here.

An early review by John L. Probert of “This Is Horror” is here.

November 2008 Scifaikuest is out

The November print edition of the science fiction haiku magazine Scifaikuest is out!   To read the online edition (which is different) or learn more about both versions of Scifaikuest, go here

The print edition includes dreamnnightmare 's article "On Collaborating and Renga," which features the Lovecraftian kasen renga "Seasons of Their Return"  -- a collaboration between himself, Wade German, and Yours Truly.  Thirty-six stanzas of seasonally themed, linked and shifted, slightly surreal strangeness.

For more information on renga (of the non-tentacular variety), go here. 

"The Shunned House" for Halloween

H.P. Lovecraft's "The Shunned House" gets star treatment today from eldritchhobbit .  On Day 29 of her Halloween countdown, she's offering not only a link to the story itself, but  also the full text of Lovecraft's related poem, "The House"  -- and a bonus link to the local history and lore which inspired this story. 

There are photos of the original Shunned House  (or at least, the one that inspired HPL)  in Providence, RI, as well.  Definitely worth a visit if you are at all interested in Lovecraft, or just curious about one of his lesser-known tales.