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Ankh, Scarab

The Book of Cthulhu still $1.99 for Kindle

I missed the chance to post this yesterday, but The Book of Cthulhu (Night Shade Books 2011) is still on sale today for $1.99 on Kindle!

Over 500 virtual pages of tentacular goodness, edited by Ross Lockhart.

And some of those pages contain the Egyptian-flavored Mythos tale "Lost Stars" -- featuring Ammutseba, my own addition to Lovecraft's strange pantheon.

Get all the details -- and possibly your own copy -- here.
Ankh, Scarab

Lovecraft eZine #26 Kindle / Nook editions free for rest of this month

Got a hungry Kindle or Nook?  Been curious about enjoying The Lovecraft eZine this way, rather than staring at your computer screen?

Well, until the end of this month, the September issue (#26) is available to download for free, here.  Editor Mike Davis is making this offer after falling seriously behind due to NecronomiCON.

It's a full-length issue & a very generous gesture, so why not give reading the eZine on your favorite device a try?  I've found it to be a much better experience, & it's a nice way to archive issues for future enjoyment.
Ankh, Scarab

Lovecraft eZine #22 -- here, there, & everywhere

After a worrisome delay due to editor Mike Davis's illness, the latest issue of Lovecraft eZine is now available in all its mind-blasting formats!

Featuring six stories plus the beginning of a new comic strip, Cthulhu Does Stuff, this issue is 96 pages (or over three hours, for the podcast format) of Lovecraftian tastiness.   Authors this time are Ronnie Tucker & Maxwell Patterson, Robin Spriggs, Samantha Henderson, Simon Kurt Unsworth, Don Webb, Joe Nazare, and David Conyers & John Goodrich.,

To get issue #22 for Kindle or Nook, go here. It's $2.99, & buyers can get a free copy of the podcast from Mike as well.

To get the podcast by itself for 99 cents, go here.  (I've been very impressed by the quality of this new feature -- issue #21 was a great treadmill distraction!)

And, as ever, you can read the whole issue online for free here.

If you're a Lovecraftian, you really ought to treat yourself to this experience -- and support the eZine, if you can.  (Truth in LJing: I do not have a story in this issue, but I've had work in two previous issues, and I'll have more in a forthcoming issue. )

Lovecraft eZine #18 -- special Zelazny tribute issue -- is up!

Lovers of Roger Zelazny's brilliant A Night in the Lonesome October, attention!   This month's Lovecraft eZine (#18) is a special tribute to the book, featuring 8 stories plus a highly informative essay -- and an introduction by Roger Zelazny's son Trent.  

Art & author comments are included with each story, and audio versions are available as well.

To read this remarkable issue for free online, go here.

To obtain a copy for your Kindle or Nook, go here.   BTW, there's a special drawing for two copies of a very elegant edition of The Colour Out of Space for those who buy their copies today or tomorrow . .. so don't wait if you enjoy reading on your favorite device.  I started reading this issue on my Kindle at lunch today, & had a terrible time tearing myself away to go back to work.


Innsmouth Magazine 1-4 free for Kindle until Friday

Got Kindle?  Crave Mythos?

Innsmouth Free Press is converting the first seven issues of its popular Innsmouth Magazine to e-book format, beginning with issues 1-4  in one volume.  And, until this Friday, you can download it for your Kindle for free!

Find Innsmouth Magazine: Collected Issues 1-4 here at Amazon

After Friday, you'll still be able to get it -- but it will be $3.99.  IFP plans to release the book in ePub format this summer, & hopes to format issues 5-7 by the end of the year.

Truth in LiveJournaling: my short-short tale "Scream Saver" has been reprinted in this item.    

cover, TID

new issues of Lovecraft eZine & Innsmouth Magazine

Whether you prefer to read (for free) on your computer screen or to feed your starving e-reader (for the tiny sum of 99 cents), it's a great time to be a Lovecraftian fiction fan. 

The February 2012 issue -- #11, wow -- of the Lovecraft eZine is up now here, with 6 stories rather than the usual 5.  There's also a brand new art section!

Find the Kindle & Nook versions of this issue here.  Or subscribe, as I've done, and get all past issues free.  Find out how here.   

The February 2012 issue -- #9, wow once more -- of Innsmouth Magazine is also up now, with 6 stories and three ways to read them.  Choose to click through to the stories one at a time on the site, download a free PDF edition with some great artwork, or buy an e-reader edition (Amazon.com or Smashwords, which means all the formats a person could want).  

All the information you need for this is here

Now go forth & read of many things which humankind was never meant to know.