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an interview with Joseph S. Pulver, Sr. : Carcosa & more

  C. Derick Varn of The (Dis)loyal Opposition to Modernity recently interviewed weird fiction author & editor Joseph S. Pulver, Sr

  Pulver, the editor of A Season in Carcosa (Miskatonic River Press 2012) answers a wide variety of thought-provoking questions ranging from his decades of interest in Robert W. Chambers' King in Yellow mythos to his own writing process.  

  Anyone curious about in Chambers, literary horror, the contribution of poetry to horror, or a remarkably frank writer's mind will likely find this conversation extremely interesting!   

Cyaegha #4 (Spring 2011) is out!

Well, it doesn't look a lot like spring here -- but it must be spring across the Pond, because the latest issue of the Lovecraftian print zine Cyaegha is now available!

I've got a new Robert W. Chambers-inspired poem, "A Queen In Yellow" in this issue -- and I'm delighted to be sharing the TOC with at least two fellow members of the SFPA, Wade German and dreamnnightmare  , plus the veteran Lovecraftian author & poet Richard L. Tierney

Check out the whole TOC (or find out how to get your own copy) here.

And if you're just curious (as I was, & I thought I knew my Lovecraft!) about who or what Cyaegha is, Wikipedia can help here.

Blood Will Have Its Season reviewed

The on-line reviews have started for Blood Will Have Its Season, Joseph S. Pulver Sr.'s first collection of short fiction, prose poems, and poetry.  All are deeply infused with weird noir, and many evoke the disturbing world of Robert W. Chambers' King In Yellow.

The first I'm aware of is here, from the blog of the intriguingly-named Lady Lovecraft.

Noted Lovecraftian editor and scholar Robert M. Price has also checked in, with an Amazon.com review here.


Blood Will Have Its Season update

Blood Will Have Its Season, Joseph S. Pulver, Sr.'s first collection of weird noir (short stories, prose poems, and poems), is now listed for ordering  on Amazon.com. 

As I noted in my 7/28 post, this book has some amazing cover art -- and anyone going to the Amazon site will get a good look at it!  More information, including the complete TOC and a link to free excerpts from the collection, is still available here


Blood Will Have Its Season: noir goes weird

In the grand LJ tradition of putting out the good word for new books by friends, I am happy to report that Joseph S. Pulver, Sr.'s first collection, Blood Will Have Its Season, is out now from Hippocampus Press.

Joe is known to many Lovecraftians as the author of Nightmare's Disciple (the only serial killer Lovecraftian novel I know of!), but this new assortment of short stories, prose poems, and poetry takes another path through the mean streets of his imagination, this time incorporating Robert W. Chambers'  famed King In Yellow mythos.  The result is razor-edged modern noir, with a poetic yet brutal sensibility.  

With an introduction by noted independent scholar S.T. Joshi, and illustrations by Thomas S. Brown and Stanley C. Sargent -- including a killer cover I am a bit too tech-challenged to include here -- Blood Will Have Its Season is a unique addition to the darkest segment of weird literature. 

For a free mind-bending sample, go here