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My Goodreads review: Powerful Women of the Medieval World

Powerful Women of the Medieval WorldPowerful Women of the Medieval World by Dorsey Armstrong

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

This short ( 10 lectures) series was entertaining & highly informative throughout, though somewhat lacking in non-Western subjects. Dr. Armstrong does include one lecture on the Mongol queens, though, & it's one of the liveliest of the series. Otherwise, at least a few of the women discussed will be somewhat familiar to anyone with a major interest in women's history. There's a good mix of political, literary, & religious subjects, however; & a lot of solid content in each 30 minute lecture.

Dr. Armstrong is a witty & enthusiastic speaker, & I found myself wishing this course were at least twice as long as it is. Since it's available free to Audible members, I'd recommend it to anyone else missing Women's History Month already.

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