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Everyone: Worlds Without Walls (Kickstarter anthology)

Posted on 2017.02.28 at 15:14
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I don't usually post about crowdfunding projects, but I've recently backed one (also rare for me!) that I'm pretty excited about.

Tony C. Smith of the District of Wonders podcasts is doing a Kickstarter for a new SF/F anthology.  It's entitled Everyone: Worlds Without Walls.  Its stated goal is to:

explore and celebrate how we are greater together – and, conversely, the need to tear down walls of ignorance, prejudice, and injustice.

The TOC for this one is international, diverse, & impressive -- and will expand as stretch goals are met.   Dr. Amy H. Sturgiseldritchhobbit will be writing the introduction. At this point, there are 21 writers involved!

With 10 days to go,  the project's original goal and one stretch goal have been met.  Pledge levels range from the extremely reasonable -- which gets you a e-copy of the anthology -- to more generous amounts for additional rewards.

All details, including that expanding TOC, can be found here.

(Full disclosure: I am backing this, but I am not one of the writers or otherwise involved with the project.)


Amy H. Sturgis
eldritchhobbit at 2017-02-28 22:18 (UTC) (Link)
Thank you *so much* for this! Greatly appreciated, my friend!
Diane Severson Mori
divadiane1 at 2017-03-06 14:27 (UTC) (Link)
It is very exciting! The stretch goal to include a story by Samuel Delaney was just reached. I increased by pledge to include the audiobook and a print version. When I first pledged print wasn't an option and an audiobook was not on the table. Yay!
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